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Muhammad Saleem

You do realize that it is his 'personal' blog. And if he is having issues with his weight, that is a 'personal' matter, and completely fair game for his 'personal' blog.

You need to relax with the unsubscribe threat. He could probably care less about losing you as a subscriber.

Kenneth Holland

Wow...relax! I think it's great that Jason is thinking about his health and wants to share it. It will probably help other people with their weight problems.

Scott Heiferman Sucks


We don't care that you don't care. Unsubscribe and get over it.

Jeremy Wright

At least he's not cat blogging...

Unsubscribe. The cool stuff always gets onto Techmeme anyways.

Personally the only posts that annoy me are Wikipedia-related. The rest is at least interesting (and his fatspamming has spurred me towards dropping 6 pounds in 2 weeks).


Yes, unsubscribe. It may make your life better, and actually nobody cares about it...


gees people just love to moan. So who am I going to listen to - some goof on the TV who promises wonderful results or someone who like myself struggles with weight.

Shanti Braford

Scott - I, for one, appreciate your sarcastic wit.


I, for one, welcome our...

I don't care about your X and Y. Stop the RSS Z spam, or I'll need to unsubscribe!

...linkbaiting overlords.


If you don't like it start using Google reader and 'j' past it.

I for one have started to think more about my weight thanks to Jason - funnily enough I enjoy the fatblogging on average more than his other posts


I think its fair talk about his health or others personal stuff.internet its free to talk..if you don't like you always can search on Google for another site.

best wishes


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