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A lot of the advantages you list for Meetup are just advantages of being in New York; this isn't really fair, given that Google has a New York office.

Matt Cutts

Mike makes a fair point that Google also has a New York office, but I thought it was a good-natured post. Funny stuff, Scott, and I enjoyed your final comment. :)

Jason Shellen

Touche, Scott. However, if you do run into someone who might be a good fit for our "Director of Redundant Plastic Balls" position send them my way.



Thank you. You've made four people (at least) laugh in my office today. Thanks for Meetup's, too. I like 'em.

You also made me miss New York a little more.


Thank you. You've made four people (at least) laugh in my office today. Thanks for Meetup's, too. I like 'em.

You also made me miss New York a little more.

James Aguilar

That's a pretty good document. My only disagreement with it is that at Google we can still have an individual impact. Maybe you won't change the way the whole company is going, but since most of our properties have more users than many websites combined, every little thing does have huge impact. You guys sound nice. Good luck.


That's the best public Google Doc I've ever seen. Sweet. I wonder how fast your resume submit rate is growing? Probably kinda...


"Fair?" Who cares if it's fair!?

Scott, hilarious and spot-on stuff, and just another testament to the creativity and innovation your team brings to all facets of your work and products for customers. Keep on truckin'

Marc Hedlund

That was hilarious. Nice job!


I love this, Heif.

Can someone send a Medevac to get me out of a town that thinks everyone cares about RSS feeds?

New York and Meetup, I miss you both!


that was hilarious! seriously, i laughed all along. good to see i'm not the only one who is a little grated by google's elitist streak.

btw, great meeting you at PDF!


Good laugh you gave me. Is google really that bad, i mean good, i mean wierd, i mean closed? I mean it look awfully good with all those services tailored to you but......

Manny Hernandez

Thanks for a good lauch over launch, Scott! :)


Funny stuff - nice.


You have the best hair in town and now I know it's because you go to Astor.


Great doc! I came from here:

Stephen G

Great list! Found you on 37signals blog -


I wish I were on the job market. I found the list through 37signals.


Made me laugh. I found you here:


found on Joel Spolsky's reddit feed using Google Reader...

Ricky Irvine

I found it from 37signals. Very interesting!

Marco Arment

Found on the Joel Reddit and spread all over the place via Tumblr tumblelogs.

Nice work!

Mike Ellery

The great thing about having all the Brilliant People of the World working at Google is just that - they are all working at Google. So, Knuckleheads of the World like me don't have to worry about running into them in the halls of our mediocre companies. Charming post.

dalas v

Seen on

Kishore Balakrishnan

The comparison page found at

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